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Slow Food

The Association Slow Food was created two decades ago (involving more than 80'000 people in 104 countries in 5 continents) in order to promote the taste education and preserve the agricultural and food biodiversity. Its motto is good, clean and fair food. With these goals Slow Food supports the Ark of Taste, where the traditional products risking to be extinguished are catalogued and described, and it supports the Presidia, which are regional projects aiming at safeguarding small producers and save quality artisanal products by a regulation and improvement of the production and sales conditions. Farina bóna has been mentioned and welcomed by Ark of Taste in 2001 and became a Presidium in Spring 2008, when all involved parties signed a disciplinary document about production, according to the rules of Slow Food. As a Presidium it took part in October 2008 to Terra Madre and “Salone del Gusto”, two large events that represented an important opportunity to promote the product and the region. For this event Slow Food, promoter of both events, prepared an information brochure about the presidium Farina bóna. Coop Switzerland, as Slow Food’s main sponsor, decided to help the Presidium by distributing the product in its main supermarkets in Switzerland. A first launch was made in February 2008 and a second one in August 2008, with the offer of Farina bóna cookies, according to the recipe of Paul Forni (responsible for the Swiss Presidium “shortbread of Bedretto Valley”). Mid-October 2008 the product Farina bóna has been once again proposed for sale all over Switzerland.

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