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The project for Farina bóna’s re-launch

On October 18, 2007, the Onsernone Museum, the Vergeletto’s Mills Association and the individual producers of Farina bóna founded the association “Farina bóna project”. This association is financed by member fees, by the 5% from the sales of Farina bóna paid by the producers, and by public and private organizations (Locarno Area National Park Project, several foundations, Cantonal subsidies). The association aims at paving the way for the production and sale of Farina bóna as a traditional and typical product of Onsernone Valley. Goals are the promotion of an economy consistent with the principles of sustainable development and the conservation, valorization and improvement of the natural, cultural and landscape values of the valley. In order to reach these goals the association develops and promotes this entire project, which is conceived to be carried out in different steps. This global project might include other minor projects related to different features of Farina bóna. The association will appoint a managing director who will be in charge to manage the budget and follow every step of the realization of this project.

The first part has to be achieved within the end of 2011.
The second part within the end of 2015.

Funding as a PNL pilot project

The Farina bóna project can benefit from a first important financial support from the Locarno Area National Park Project (PNL), which recognized within its territory this project and a dozen of others as being worth funding because they match with the general purposes (natural, cultural, economical and landscape) of the new model of National Park. This funding currently consists in 15'000 CHF that help giving a first impulse to the project by funding the works to set up the channel and the toasting machine in Vergeletto, the revision of the millstone in Loco and the elaboration of the final version of this project.

Connections with other projects and infrastructures

The Farina bóna project can be considered a tool to increase the value of the territory by working in a network with other projects already existing or planned in Onsernone Valley. The inborn feature of the project foresees the reunion in a single association of public and private organization already active in the valley (Onsernone Museum, Vergeletto’s Mills Association, individual producers), in order to develop at its best possible synergies. It is also possible to expect other collaborations with projects such as:
* Locarno Area National Park Project (typical products, thematic walkways, cultural tourism, agriculture);
* the terracing project of the Municipality of Isorno (improvement of the mill, restoration of some terraces for the cultivation of corn and rye);
* the collaboration with lodgings (hostels and restaurants) of the valley started already long time ago and can be certainly be developed in terms of improvement of the value of a typical product and of development of short distribution chains;
* the recognition of the product in the International network Slow Food, the sale of the product all over Switzerland, thanks to Coop patronage, and the collaboration with Ticino Tourism are other valuable elements that make of this project a contribution of the territorial marketing of Onsernone Valley.