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Farina bóna can be used to prepare ice-cream, beer, grissini, cookies, mousse, cakes, späzle, salad dressings, soups and many other dishes.

For further information about the available products please visit the section "Shop" or contact:
Ilario Garbani-Marcantini, 6654 Cavigliano (Ticino-Switzerland), Phone +41 (0) 91 796.29.67

Farina bóna ice-cream, for purchases and information contact:
Gelateria Dolcevita, Piffero Silvano, Locarno, Tel: +41 (0)79 246 76 92
Pacchiani Mauro, Vaglio, Lugano, Tel: +41 (0)91 943 33 42

Moewenpick: Croccantino Ticinese, Farina Bóna ice-cream

Farina bóna and “Farina bóna” cookies are on sale at Coop supermarkets and in other shops:
COOP sales points. [List of Coop sales points (pdf)]
COOP sales points. [List of shops and dealers (pdf)]

Farina bóna Biscotti alla farina bóna Birra Dracma