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Farina bóna in the kitchen

In the past it was eaten mixed up with water or milk (cold or warm) or wine, with blueberries or strawberries and adding some salt or sugar, while nowadays it is used in a variety of manners: the flour Farina bóna can be used to prepare ice-cream, beer, grissini, cookies, mousse, cakes, späzle, salad dressings, soups and many other dishes. The current use of this flour is possible thanks to a research work of the Isorno School in 2005, which involved both pupils and their parents. Within this context, a cook book in the three national languages has been published, containing also the recipes that won the contest organized by the third Caviegn folk festival (an event focusing on traditional music and other traditions, which takes place every year in Cavigliano, a village situated where Onsernone Valley begins). Cooking experimentation is very important, just like the promotion of a drawing product, like, for instance, Farina bóna ice-cream which, all being traditional as for the ingredients, it introduces some innovative characteristics; another example could be the re-launch of the “grido” a kind of waffle original especially from the lower part of the Maggia Valley, which is made of 3 parts of wheat flour and 1 part of Farina bóna flour, and is cooked on a iron plate on the fireplace, and is eaten with salted butter.

Ilario Grano Birra